A Mother’s Day Wish

The sun is playing peek-a-boo behind the clouds today, but it is Mother’s Day and sunshine is not needed for me to feel loved and very blessed!

My son headed back home to Arizona two weeks ago after spending the winter months with us, so we celebrated Mother’s Day early this year. I loved having both grown children at home with me for a while . . . something that is a rare occurrence since they both lead such busy lives.

My wedding day, August 21, 1982

Today will be all about celebrating my mom, whom I love so very much! It doesn’t matter to me that her memory is failing and that we can no longer reminisce about days gone by. I just love seeing her smile and hearing her laugh as she listens to our stories and looks through old photo albums. Every now and then there is a glimmer of recognition and we are able to have a short conversation.  I will always be grateful that God has blessed me with a lifetime of memories and the ability to make many more. That is the best gift I could receive today!

Wishing you a Mother’s Day full of precious memories, both new and old.

Resting in Peace

What a blessing it was to be the guest speaker at my church’s annual Mother’s Day Tea this weekend!

Although I usually shy away from public speaking, I decided to talk about a challenging area in my own life: finding peace. Specifically, I wanted to share ideas on how we can each find peace in our everyday lives, no matter where we are in that moment.

If you have been reading my blog posts regularly, you will know that peace and rest are important topics to me. Despite my busy schedule, I’ve learned to find peace through intentional rest. I say “intentional” because we must recognize our need for rest, and then be very deliberate in making it a priority.

Forced rest is no fun when you allow your pace in life to run you into the ground. Trust me . . . I know. Internalizing stress led to chest pains and an overnight stay in the hospital last year. Fortunately it was nothing serious, but that scare caused me to re-evaluate my priorities and I learned a valuable lesson in the process.

While God wants us to use our gifts to glorify Him, to care for our families, and serve others, we cannot do that if we are completely exhausted. God did not create us to live life with our foot on the gas pedal from morning to night, yet for many of us, that is the only pace we know. We have accepted this as normal and we feel powerless to apply the brakes.

Intentional rest doesn’t require taking a vacation day or spending an afternoon at the spa (although that does sound tempting 😉). Instead, I ask God to help me slow down as a reminder that my personal peace needs to be a priority. It does require loosening my grip and letting Him take control, but God always provides me with that much-needed time and space to re-charge, even on my busiest days.

Finding peace may look different for each of us, but for me, it’s as simple as taking a walk around the block, reading a devotional, or just lying down for a quick nap.

So the next time you feel yourself running on empty, slow down, take a deep breath, and seek peace in the Lord’s presence. Let Him be your resting place.