Time and Space

Despite all the crazy weather forecasts from a week ago, I didn’t buy into the hype about a big snowstorm coming our way. Yesterday was certainly brisk, with a few snowflakes thrown in, but we didn’t need to break out the shovels.

I have a very short drive to work each day, and my route takes me down a single lane, unpaved road. Even though there are townhomes springing up all around the edges of our neighborhood, this one little road allows me a brief drive through the countryside each day. I drive slowly because there are usually deer grazing in the tall grass on the shoulders, and their movement can be unpredictable. I’ve had a few close calls at night!

There are several older farmhouses tucked in along the road from an era gone by. Their gravel driveways and overgrown hedges stand in stark contrast to the perfectly manicured lawns on the next street over. But this time of year their yards come to life with flower bulbs that were likely planted generations ago. One sunny morning I stopped my car and leaned out the window to take a photo of some beautiful daffodils (pictured above). I sat quietly for a few moments before another car appeared in my rear view mirror. It was time to move on.

It is during such brief moments that I find myself increasingly longing for a quiet place in the country where I can sip my morning coffee and marvel at God’s creation. My favorite thing to do is watch the variety of birds visiting our feeders and birdhouses and listen to their beautiful songs.

At this stage in life, I know a quieter time is not far away. The trick now is finding a way to incorporate more of these moments into my everyday life. I will look forward to sharing these special times with you. 😊

Welcome Spring!

Growing up in New England, it always seemed that spring would never come. Then again, after enduring 4-5 months of bitter cold temperatures and multiple  Nor’easters,  it was no wonder everyone had cabin fever. Here in Virginia we are accustomed to turning our air-conditioners on by mid-May. Our friends in Massachusetts will still be bundled up in fleece and flannel while watching the Memorial Day parades.

I took a quick walk around the yard today searching for signs of spring between rain showers. We had two days of near or above record warmth last week, and that was just enough to bring out the robins and wake up some flower bulbs. Our daughter works at a local greenhouse and landscape center and she planted some bulbs for us last fall. I can hardly wait to see all those colorful blooms!

My walk revealed crimson buds ready to burst on our maple tree, and crocus poking through the soil. Spring is surely on its way!

I also discovered evidence of an unwelcome arrival: deer have already begun nipping down our grape hyacinth before they even had time to bloom. It’s a familiar battle, one that every local gardener has fought while trying to protect their tiny seedlings and ripening fruit.

Yet another sure sign of spring is when the veggie seeds arrive in the mail and every weekend includes a trip to Southern States or Tractor Supply. Now is the time to clean out the planting beds that we let go to allow the winter birds to forage, and prepare the bluebird houses for new occupants. Also, last year we planted native flowers specifically to attract more birds, butterlies and honeybees to our yard. We plan to do the same again this year. It will be a Pollinator Paradise!

So get ready with your trowels, rakes and gardening gloves. Let’s flip the calendar to March, welcome the DC cherry blossoms, and bring on the spring!