What’s Cooking?

This time of year I find myself anxious for the change in seasons. For now, the dog days of summer are upon us. The weather has been typical for our area. August is known for its oppressive heat and humidity, punctuated with the occasional severe thunderstorm.

Our lawn is now crunchy underfoot, and we have to water the garden several times a day. It is still producing lots of tomatoes and banana peppers, but little else. The string beans were harvested before our vacation and our Delicata squash have been very small this year. Forty miles west of us, my brother’s garden is producing a bounty of tomatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes. He shared some with us last week. We will be enjoying Caprese salads for days to come! (No complaints here 😉.)

And Speaking of Cooking . . .

Since we are talking about food, I have decided to share more posts in the future about my love for cooking.

I’ve been cooking meals for my family for almost 37 years, but I never really enjoyed it. Cooking was a necessity and a chore, not something I looked forward to doing every day.

After a personal health scare a couple years ago,  my cardiologist recommended the Mediterranean Diet. Actually, it’s not a “diet” like you might think. It’s really a lifestyle! For me, it is all about taking better care of myself and my family, starting with the food we eat.

So, if you will indulge me, I will occasionally share what is on our dinner table, and also offer some tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Who knows? You may even discover that you like to cook too!


Update on Mom

I wanted to give a quick progress report on my mom. I shared two weeks ago that she has a rare form of breast cancer called Paget’s Disease. Last Thursday my brother and I took her for her very first mammogram. We didn’t think it would be successful with her advanced dementia, but her doctor assured us they have experience treating similar patients.

I cannot say enough about the kind and compassionate nurses and technicians at the imaging center at the Winchester Medical Center. They are truly angels! They treated her with dignity and respect, and they were able to get clear test results.

The good news is that there was no calcification detected! The cancer is only on the surface, but will likely spread if not treated. She will have a partial mastectomy on September 5th, which if all goes well, will be an outpatient procedure. Thankfully, no additional treatment should be needed!

We would all greatly appreciate your prayers as we approach the surgery date, and for Mom’s post-surgical recovery.