Finding Balance

My husband commented yesterday about how the weekends seem to fly by, but the work week always drags on forever. I suspect this feeling becomes more pronounced as one nears retirement.

Our weekends have been full of yard and garden work, and major home renovations. Some pesky deer are devouring our flowers and vegetable plants right down to the ground, and Neil is trying to create a barrier to keep them out. He removed the wire fence from our yard’s perimeter, and is going to attach it directly to the garden frames.

Reno Update

Most nights have been spent working on our flooring project. I realized today that I haven’t given an update on that project since March. Just to recap, we decided to replace our dingy 21-year old carpet with engineered hardwood. We have nearly completed the hallway, plus two bedrooms. There are still three rooms to go. Here’s a quick view of our progress. Not bad for a DIY project!

Soaring to New Heights

And what is life without a little relaxation? Yesterday we drove out to Front Royal, VA so that Neil could finally redeem his glider ride gift certificate, received two birthdays ago! Between our busy schedules and the rainy weekend weather, the timing never seemed right. But yesterday everything came together!

It was a beautiful day for soaring and Neil had a great time. Joe, his pilot, caught some decent thermals along the Blue Ridge, and their ride lasted a full 51 minutes! The only down side was the heat, and there is no AC in the glider. Still, it was an enjoyable ride, and after his flight we took some time to explore the area.

We drove up along the ridge overlooking the Shenandoah River and took a couple photos.

We can all agree that life is more enjoyable when we strike a healthy balance of work and leisure. Finding that balance can be challenging though, and some  days feel lopsided with the extra weight of work and family responsibilities.

It’s important to take the time that is needed to refresh and recharge to create that important balance. Sometimes just stepping away for a few hours can make a huge difference.

God has provided us with an amazing world to explore. Get outside and be a part of it!

DIY Life Lessons

I love a good DIY project, but have you noticed how it always ends up more complicated than the original plan? Whether it’s an online video or a home improvement book, the creator rarely shows you the problems you may encounter along the way.

A good example of this is our own DIY bathroom remodel that we began shortly after Thanksgiving. We had hoped to be finished by now but we hit a snag early on.

Replacing the floor became a major project because our home builder laid the original ceramic tiles directly on plywood without underlayment — a big no-no in the building trade. So instead of simply replacing the floor tiles, we had to correct the earlier mistake to give the new floor a proper foundation. This is how many “simple” DIY projects evolve into larger, more expensive renovations.

As I was thinking about all the frustrating aspects of this project yesterday, I began to see parallels in my own life.

Every morning I wake up with plans for the day ahead. I make a mental list based on what I expect to happen, or at least what I hope to accomplish before the sun sets. However, experience has shown me that this is not how the day will go. It won’t take very long before I hit a detour and then I need to adjust my original plan.

Sound familiar?

Life is reliably unpredictable. Knowing this, I have learned that God always has another plan. And thankfully, it is always a better plan than what I had originally envisioned. That is because He created this day and every moment in it, from start to finish.

“The mighty one, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting.” – Psalms 50:1

Do-It-Yourself is fine for home renovations, but life is much easier lived when we are willing to adapt to God’s plan for each day. This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24

As we begin 2019, let’s remember to rejoice in each new day, no matter what it brings. Have a blessed and happy New Year!