Turn the Page

The final days of each year offer a time of remembrance and reflection. We spend the waning hours looking back wistfully on heartaches and failures, while celebrating milestones and accomplishments.

I’m sure that I am in a shrinking minority of those who still use wall calendars. There is a feeling of satisfaction when taking down the old year, and hanging up the next. Twelve brand new months stretch out before me, full of promise and possibilities.

The future is not always welcome though, especially when it feels so random and beyond our control. We have no idea what unexpected events — good and bad — will fill those empty pages

So before the 2020 ball drops in your time zone, why not focus on what we can control in our little corner of the world?

There will always small improvements we can make in our own lives to give them more meaning and purpose. (We list them every year when we make resolutions.)

But maybe we can focus on improving the lives of those around us. We each know someone — a family member, a neighbor, or even a complete stranger in our community who needs a helping hand. 

What if we all resolved next year to shine our light into the dark places in this world where others are hurting or in need? Never underestimate how your love will brighten a dark day. Send a note. Make a meal. Or simply sit and listen. Sometimes the smallest gestures make the greatest impact.

think you will find as I do, that the practice of blessing others will bless your own life abundantly. But don’t just take my word . . . give it a try!

Have a wonderful New Year!