Soaking Up the Son

Today I gave gratitude for the first full day of sunshine in a week. It was glorious waking up this morning and seeing those golden rays!

Although I had a full day of indoor activities planned and didn’t have much time to sit in the sun, I was grateful nonetheless. After a solid week of soaking rain, the sun’s warmth brightened every room and lifted the gloominess I had been feeling. I heard so many birds singing and I watched from our kitchen window as the spring’s first fledgling sparrows tested out their wings and visited our feeders. They are so much fun to watch! Our peonies are responding as well, no longer drenched and drooping over onto our patio. They are going to burst into full bloom this week. I will be sure to take some photos to share.

Also on this day, the Day of Pentecost, I gave gratitude for the Son of God — for Jesus Christ who promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to all who follow him. No amount of rain can diminish its divine light or keep it from filling our hearts. It is a gift of freedom, redemption and salvation, and it can never be taken away.

I am so grateful today for the sun — and the Son — which lift away the fog and clouds in life, bathing us in warmth and light, and filling us with fresh hope for each new day. What a blessing!


The Season of Singing

One of my greatest joys in life is singing in our church choir.

When I first joined the choir almost 20 years ago, I really wasn’t sure what I was doing. I hadn’t read music since high school marching band, or participated in a choral ensemble since, well . . . ever! I couldn’t sight read very well at all. I wasn’t even sure what part to sing!

None of that seemed to matter to anyone though. They were just happy to have me become part of the choir family. And that is what we are. We laugh at life together, share stories about our families, and pray for one another. We are a mix of all ages and abilities. Some of us have been there many years, and some are new to singing.

At one time, our choir filled the entire platform behind the pulpit, but lately our numbers have dwindled to around a dozen people. We’ve had some rough rehearsals where we scrap an anthem that we just couldn’t pull together. There have been other times when we relied on the Holy Spirit alone to blend our voices on Sunday morning when several members were out sick.

Through it all our God is faithful, and He continues to use our little choir to draw people closer to Him. Together we share one common purpose: to lift our voices to the Lord through hymns and songs, and glorify Him in through every season of the year. Halleluia and Amen!