In Search of Truth

We live in confusing times where the lines have become increasingly blurred between what is real and what is considered “fake”. How in the world do we discern the difference?

With each passing day I am learning the importance of listening more and talking less. Some days are easier than others, but I have discovered that silence leads to peace and clarity.

More than ever before, my morning prayers and devotions have become a respite, and provide a covering to help me face the day ahead. I have also been purposely tuning out the news and the noise, which would have me believe the world is hopeless and falling apart. Mayhem, death and destruction are the new normal.

But despite these constant threats, here is what I know to be true: God loves me, and nothing can possibly separate me from Him. I know that no matter what this crazy world throws my way, my Father’s calm and steady hand will always uphold me and lead me on the pathway to truth.

I am listening. Are you?

Finding Forgiveness

My mind has been preoccupied this week with preparations for our upcoming vacation, but I’m not so distracted that I have missed the headlines.

I’ve never been one to hide from troubles or look for an escape from conflict. Still, I’ll admit that I will be greatly relieved to jet off to another part of the world for a bit. For two weeks I will be immersed in the history of Israel and Jerusalem — visiting landmarks, museums and holy sites. I will hear about ancient battles, and learn about some still being fought today. During this time, I will try to forget all the anger and division I am leaving behind. And I will pray.

I will pray for peace when tempers flare.

I will pray for courage that I might share.

I will pray for comfort when friendships end.

I will pray for grace and forgiveness again.

In the midst of all this anger and division in our nation, we need to find forgiveness, even when it is the hardest thing to do. Jesus taught us that forgiveness is not a quantity. It dwells deep within the heart. It is like an abundant and overflowing well that never runs dry.

Perhaps we can each find someone who is thirsting for forgiveness this week.