Time and Space

Despite all the crazy weather forecasts from a week ago, I didn’t buy into the hype about a big snowstorm coming our way. Yesterday was certainly brisk, with a few snowflakes thrown in, but we didn’t need to break out the shovels.

I have a very short drive to work each day, and my route takes me down a single lane, unpaved road. Even though there are townhomes springing up all around the edges of our neighborhood, this one little road allows me a brief drive through the countryside each day. I drive slowly because there are usually deer grazing in the tall grass on the shoulders, and their movement can be unpredictable. I’ve had a few close calls at night!

There are several older farmhouses tucked in along the road from an era gone by. Their gravel driveways and overgrown hedges stand in stark contrast to the perfectly manicured lawns on the next street over. But this time of year their yards come to life with flower bulbs that were likely planted generations ago. One sunny morning I stopped my car and leaned out the window to take a photo of some beautiful daffodils (pictured above). I sat quietly for a few moments before another car appeared in my rear view mirror.Β It was time to move on.

It is during such brief moments that I find myself increasingly longing for a quiet place in the country where I can sip my morning coffee and marvel at God’s creation. My favorite thing to do is watch the variety of birds visiting our feeders and birdhouses and listen to their beautiful songs.

At this stage in life, I know a quieter time is not far away. The trick now is finding a way to incorporate more of these moments into my everyday life. I will look forward to sharing these special times with you. 😊

When the Rain Comes

It’s been one of those strange months where my life perfectly matched the unpredictable weather. At times, May has felt more like March, with seemingly endless wind, rain and cool temperatures. This was unusual for the DC area, and was particularly unwelcome after the warmer weather we enjoyed earlier in the spring. But whatever the cause, the crazy weather mirrored the events in my life.

Confession: I am “that” person who thinks they can do it all, that they can handle every task in life without asking for help. It becomes a point of pride after a while, like a heavy crown that you feel obligated to wear. I don’t want to disappoint anyone (or myself), so I just roll up my sleeves and tackle the earliest looming deadline. Usually the stress doesn’t get to me, but when you find yourself in the ER with chest pains, it may be time to slow down.

Although I did my best to “sneak” into the hospital without anyone knowing, within minutes my pastor was at my bedside. I guess that was okay since he is also a trusted friend (and oh yeah, he’s my boss too πŸ˜‰). He was there to comfort me and pray with me before they wheeled me in for a chest x-ray. I didn’t feel all the fuss was necessary because I thought I’d have a few tests and head back to my desk with no one else noticing.

I won’t bore you with the details of all that was going on in my life that day; they really aren’t important. It could happen to any one of us, at any time depending on our life situation, but all at once everything seemed to amass into the perfect storm. I felt the tide rising in the form of rolling chest pains. That 24 hours in the hospital seemed like eternity to me, and it was far from restful, but it opened my eyes to what matters most.

As minutes turned into hours, word spread and my phone buzzed with concerned texts and messages of assurance from many people who were praying for me. I felt completely covered by their love, and a sense of calm washed over me. All through the day and that long night I kept thinking about my father who died in 1986 of a massive heart attack a week before his 57th birthday. I knew I was where I needed to be and that I was receiving excellent care.

I am praising God because every test that was run came back normal. I will be having further tests this coming week and following up with my new cardiologist. I wish I could remember the names of all the nurses and doctors in the ER and observation wing who cared for me last week. (There were A LOT!) I am in awe of all they do each and every day.

Although I wanted to return to work the day I was discharged, the doctor insisted I take the remainder of the day off. Heading his advice, I went home and took a much-needed nap. When I awoke, I went downstairs to find a dinner basket that had been dropped off by a group of amazing ladies from our church. It was filled with food and flowers and other treats, and oh so much love!

As I look back at this crazy month (and it’s not over yet) I am reminded of the faithfulness of God as He sees us through every storm. He brings order to chaos, and provides rest for the weary when they need it most. For that, I am truly grateful.