The Art of Relaxation

I find myself writing today’s post worlds away from the busy suburbs of northern Virginia. Neil and I are five hours away from home in a picturesque lakeside community, surrounded by mountains and water, and not much else.

Timing is Everything

We were blessed once again with an invitation to relax and unwind on a long weekend — in a place with breathtaking views and no specific agenda. After a busy season of work for both of us, the timing was perfect.

Sunset on the cove


The weather has been raw and rainy since our arrival, but that really doesn’t matter. Our time has been well spent, resting and reconnecting with our hosts whom we haven’t seen in decades. We’ve also been able to experience a small taste of retirement. Many of our friends have already reached that enviable stage of life. We are living vicariously through them . . . at least for a few days.


I’ve lingered over my morning coffee while watching the busy bird feeders for the past two days. We’ve enjoyed leisurely breakfasts, long drives through the countryside, and nightly board games beside a cozy wood stove. Tonight we were treated to a steel drum concert in town, with our hosts participating in the performance.

Like many of our friends, they have found exciting new things to do in their retirement. It’s no time to just sit on the front porch swing, unless, of course, that is what you choose to do.

Tomorrow we pack up and head back to work and our busy schedules. This little side trip was soothing balm for our souls. It has given us some new ideas, but also a renewed purpose as we continue planning for our future.

To quote Dr. Suess, “Oh, the places you’ll go . . .”

That season in life is still a few years away, but the possibilities are endless!