Easter Sunday 2020

Alleluia! He is risen!

I hope this Easter Sunday finds you and your loved ones safe at home.

It was strange being separated from my church family during Holy Week, but I love hearing how other churches are finding unique ways to reach out and stay connected.

This past week, I’ve tried not to watch the news, but focus instead on the significance of Holy Week, and the promise of the resurrection. During Lent, I began each day with silent prayer, scripture reading and devotionals. My early morning routine has become a foundation for the day ahead. It has made a huge difference for me, and I don’t miss watching the news at all!

What’s Your Story?

We are living in uncertain times, and April 12, 2020 will probably be a day you and your family will remember for many years to come.

What stories will you tell your children and grandchildren when you look back to this day in history? What experiences will you remember most? How are you spending time with your family, and also time alone? Have you found a new hobby, or perhaps rediscovered an old one? 

I will always remember the midday silence. There is no traffic, no jets are flying overhead. No children playing or neighbors chatting. The quiet is peaceful, yet a little unsettling because it’s so unusual. 

The slower pace has helped me to be more intentional about my days. Routine is important, and spending time outdoors each day is key. I have a favorite walking route that takes me down a secluded, tree-lined road. I see deer, rabbits and even an occasional fox. Birds and blossoms are everywhere! When the weather cooperates, it’s been the perfect way to end my day. 


Be the Light

As Easter Sunday dawns each year, one thing will never change. Jesus lives! We can celebrate his resurrection regardless of where we are, whether in church or at home.

Long after this crisis has ended, we can continue to share His light with the world. There will always be unique and meaningful ways to love our brothers and sisters that will make a difference in their lives. Our physical isolation shouldn’t matter.

Keep on shining your light!