Daily Devotion

Time Thief

Yesterday morning I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I actually sat down with a cup of coffee and read our local newspaper. Reading about school sports, commercial building plans, and a food truck location debate provided a bit of grounding for me. I tend to forget about “small town” news which is often drowned out by so many headline-grabbing world events. I also found time to relax and read a favorite magazine and sift through a few catalogs. How had I forgotten the pure enjoyment of a lazy afternoon perusing Birds and Blooms?

I am entering week five of my Lenten social media fast. Each week gets a little easier, and the temptation to open my Facebook and Twitter apps has lessened greatly. (Disclaimer: If you are reading this on either site, this is an auto-generated post from my WordPress account 😊.) My fast was clearly long overdue.

Social media will steal an enormous amount of our time if we allow it, distracting us to the point where we shut out important parts of our lives. We lose personal face-to-face contact, sacrificing opportunities to deepen our relationships with friends and family. We pass through daily life without looking up, ignoring the amazing world around us. If anything, we are actually becoming anti-social!

Today I took some extra time to ponder how God is speaking to me through my Lenten devotional and weekly Bible study. I realized that I have been putting limits on what I am willing to sacrifice in my daily life. I have placed importance on truly trivial things that should not occupy my time or attention.

I know that I am not alone. Social media is a tempting trap, enticing us to over-share and compare ourselves with others we hardly know. For some, sadly it has become a global platform to hate and to hurt. But each one of us can make a deliberate choice about what we share and how much time and space we allow social media to steal from our lives. When my Lenten fast ends and I cautiously re-engage with my Facebook and Twitter pages, I will continue to seek ways that I might be a light in a dark world.

Will you join me?


Daily Devotion

The Wisdom of Nicky

Today, in honor of Daylight Saving Time, I thought I would introduce you to someone who has perfected the art of napping.  Meet Nicky, our beloved fuzzy feline.

The time change never seems to affect Nicky since he pretty much sleeps 24 hours a day. Nobody in our household would argue though that at the age of 21, this cat has certainly earned some extra hours of shut-eye.

The age calculator on catster.com stops at age 14, at which point an average indoor cat would be considered about 72 in human years. Apparently a cat ages the equivalent of 4 human years every 12 months of life after the age of 2. So following that logic, Nicky is now 100!

Nicky has seen a lot of action in his lifetime, and during his prime he was quite an impressive hunter! His right ear bears the scar of a skirmish with another neighborhood cat, and he has a bad hip and bum knee from a few too many late night adventures. His favorite hangout was always the storm drain. (What goes on in the sewer, stays in the sewer.)

Today he is strictly an indoor cat, although when warmer weather arrives he will occasionally cry to be let out at night. He likes to lounge on the cement patio, soaking up the warmth left by the summer sun. Even so, Nicky rarely wanders more than 10 feet from the house, having learned his lesson this past winter when a neighbor’s cat ambushed him, jumping out from beneath our porch steps. We didn’t even know a fight had occurred until an absess was discovered by our vet. Our kitty was gravely ill, but with the right meds and lots of prayers, he is back to spry his 100-year old self.

Polydactyl Paw

Nicky is a patient cat, who rarely puts up a fight even when we clip his plentiful nails. (He is a Polydactyl cat, and has two extra toes on each paw and hind feet.) He does protest, however, when my husband gets out the electric trimmer to shave the mats out of his thick fur in the summer. Who could blame him?

Nicky demands little from his humans, except that his Fancy Feast be served on time (7:00 am, regardless of the time change), and that we pet him when he jumps up beside us on the sofa.

A warm bed, a full belly, and a lot of unconditional love.❤ When it comes to life, does anything else really matter?