Making Plans

I’ll admit it. I’m a planner.

”Spontaneous” is probably the last word my family would ever use to describe me. I like to anticipate every possible scenario when making any plans, never leaving anything to chance.

Perhaps I am afraid of being caught unprepared, but that concern served me well when my kids were younger. (I’m sure other parents can relate.) I was always in “mom mode”, and had an emergency stash of “extras” on hand for every trip we took, whether it was a vacation, or just to the soccer field.

Today, I often wonder what unplanned adventures I may have missed over the years. Has fear kept me from pursuing some amazing opportunities in my past? That question has popped into my head more than once as I have watched my two independent and very spontaneous children grow into adulthood. Neither of them are planners and they both seem to thrive on spontaneity.

It’s taken me many years to realize that there is nothing wrong with making plans, as long as I wait for the Lord to bless them. I’ve learned that sometimes He blesses our plans while they are already in progress, but other times He forces a change in direction mid-stream.

In the past, a sudden change in course would have unnerved me, but now I know it’s all part of life and learning to trust in God. That’s not always easy, but it sure does give me peace of mind knowing someone else is making the plans.